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LloydsPharmacy Colleague Catch Up with Aaron Koay

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We talk to Aaron Koay, Pharmacy Technician at LloydsPharmacy about what he has discovered in the last nine months since he has joined out team.

Name and title

Aaron Koay, Pharmacy Technician

How long have you worked in LloydsPharmacy?

I've been working in LloydsPharmacy for around nine months.

What’s your role?

I started my time in LloydsPharmacy as an Intern Pharmacist to complete my 5th Year APPEL eight-month placement. After my placement, I moved to the role of Pharmacy Technician while waiting to register as a pharmacist with the PSI. I am currently pursuing a PhD at Trinity College Dublin but I hope to stay on in LloydsPharmacy as a Relief Pharmacist, pending my PSI registration.

What do you like about working in LloydsPharmacy?

The staff in the LloydsPharmacy in which I completed my placement and I am currently working have been extremely supportive in both my professional and personal development towards becoming a pharmacist.

Why did you choose Pharmacy?

I chose Pharmacy because I was intrigued by its unique blend of scientific and clinical knowledge as well as the diverse career opportunities the degree can provide.

Why choose LloydsPharmacy over other pharmacies?

The large patient and customer base of LloydsPharmacy would diversify my experiences on placement, thereby heightening my clinical expertise.

What areas of Pharmacy interest you?

I have a broad range of interests in Pharmacy, from pharmaceutical chemistry, natural product research to evidence-based clinical practice. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Population Health and Human Factors, where I will be exploring household medication practice and safety.

If you could do something different what would it be?

I probably wouldn't even if I could, but Eastern Philosophy has always been an interest of mine!

What do you love about being a technician/a pharmacist/a student in LloydsPharmacy?

Through the continued support from my placement preceptor and other pharmacy staff members, I was given the opportunity to hone all aspects of my professional, clinical and management skills and learn to exercise justifiable professional judgment where required.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we may not already know?

I am also a yoga enthusiast and I hope to qualify as a yoga teacher in the near future!

What has LloydsPharmacy changed about you as an employee?

Throughout my time in LloydsPharmacy, I have gained invaluable insights into the organisational, managerial and financial aspects of a large retail pharmacy chain, which have helped me in attaining relevant competencies as expected from a pharmacist.

What excites you about your role?

I enjoy using my clinical and scientific expertise to provide high-quality pharmaceutical care to patients and customers and assist them in all aspects of their medication management, so as to ensure quality and safety and ultimately improve health outcomes.