Vitamins & Supplements

A healthy and balanced diet is the best way to get your daily essential vitamins. Vitamins and supplements can help you to ensure you are getting all you need to ensure you stay healthy.


Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that can aid your digestive system. Many probiotics contain unique cultures of "good" bacteria that can help conditions like IBS.

Daily Vitamins Chart & Top Tips

Here at LloydsPharmacy, we understand the importance of making vitamin intake part of the daily routine and consistency is key when taking any supplements. Our LloydsPharmacy top tips to help are:

Hang a Daily Vitamins Chart : This is a great way to engage younger family members and make the daily routine enjoyable. Pop it on the fridge or somewhere they will see each morning and let them use stickers or markers to tick each day.

Take your Vitamins at the same time as your family: Not only are they good for you, too – but kids love to mimic older people. They look up to you – so encourage their vitamin intake by making sure your own nutritional needs are met, too!

Set a recurring alarm mid-morning to remind you to take your vitamins: Try to not have this alarm too close to your wake-up alarm, as they can become blurred, depending on how many times you hit snooze! Setting it to align with your mid-morning coffee break is good reminder to stay on track.

Leave vitamins somewhere you can see: This may seem like an obvious one, but how many times have you forgotten to take your vitamin, because they were buried at the back of some kitchen press? Pop them next to kettle so you spot them while making your morning cup of coffee, or by your toothbrush to give you that reminder each day.

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