Product features

  • Hydrates
  • Strenghtens
  • A perfect gift

Product description

Hydrate your skin with expert care specially formulated for men's skin, enriched with bison grass extract with energising properties and naturally moisture-activating leaf of life.

  • Specifications

    >Super Moisture Balm 50ml
    >Shampoo and Shower 30ml
    >Active Face Wash Foaming Gel 30ml

  • Suitable for

    All Skin Types

  • Warnings and cautions

    See packaging for details

  • How to use

    See packaging for details

  • Ingredients

    >Tumeric - Boost cellular communication between skin cells
    >Avocado - Regeneration & keeps skin soft & supple
    >Oat - Firming
    >Banana - Promotes synthesis of collagen
    >Cocoa - Soothing
    >Beautyberry - Radiance
    >Organic teasel - Antioxidant
    >Mary's thistle - Nourishing
    >Edelweiss - Antioxidant
    >Goji - Boosts the skin's radiance
    >Huang qi - Combat oxidative stress
    >Jania - Promotes the elimination of dead skin cells
    >Leaf of life - Hydrates
    >Kiwi fruit - Nutrition
    >Mango - Nutrition, comfort, softness
    >Horse chestnut - draining
    >Myrothamnus - Protects the skin from damage due to stress
    >Orthosiphon - Regulate sebum production
    >Quinoa - Strengthen the skin's barrier
    >Glasswort - Hydrating