Product features

  • Biocompatible material
  • Significant reduction of the risk of urine leakages
  • 13 hours of incontinence control

Product description

Diveen has been designed to support the interior vaginal wall in the area below the bladder neck. During an effort the weight of the bladder puts pressure on the flexible ring of the device and consequently, the rigid part will ensure closure of the urethra, thus reducing the risk of urinary significantly.

  • Suitable for

    Diveen is an intravaginal device, indicated for women with urine loss especially from stress or mixed urinary incontinence.

  • Warnings and cautions

    Remove the device at night. Do not use the device together with topical drugs. The device can be used twice. Clean only with soap and water. Do not flush down the toilet. Diveen should be used by one person only and must not be shared. Only to be used by adults from 18 years old. The device should not be used during pregnancy. After childbirth, wait for the complete healing of sutures. The device should not be used during your period. The device should not be used during sexual intercourse.

  • How to use

    Use the device with an applicator: For your convenience, you can use the applicator in the box to insert the device.

    Preparation of the device: Remove the inner push rod from the applicator tube. Gently pinch the ring of the device in order to bring its halves together, insert it into the applicator tube and push it with your index finger until it reaches the tip of the ring just beneath the rounded tip of the applicator tube. Place the push rod again into the applicator tube to get the device ready for insertion.

    Insertion of the Device: Insert the tip of the applicator tube approx. 2 cm into the vagina and then push the device itself with the applicator into the vagina (same method as a tampon applicator). Once inserted the device spontaneously takes the right position. Remove and wash and dry the applicator tube and push rod; store it in a clean and dry place for the next use.

    Removal of the Device: To remove the device from the vagina, gently pull on the removal cord. Wash, dry and keep the device in a clean and dry place for the next use. The material of the device is not recyclable - discard it with household waste.

  • Ingredients

    Biocompatible material.