Product features

  • Can help reduce¬†skin aging and wrinkles
  • Improves collagen production
  • Strengthens the skin‚Äôs dermis

Product description

Collagen stands out as the predominant protein within our bodies, constituting roughly 30% of the overall protein composition and an impressive 70% of the protein content in our skin. The body naturally produces collagen, but after reaching the age of around 30, it begins depleting at an approximate rate of 1.5% annually. Sunlight exposure further exacerbates collagen loss and damage to the skin. Collagen is pivotal in conferring strength, firmness, fullness, smoothness, and elasticity to the skin. The inherent decline in collagen due to aging and sun exposure is a primary factor in skin aging and the formation of wrinkles.

An impactful scientific study* underscores that supplementation with collagen contributes to heightened collagen production, reinforcing the skin's dermis—the second skin layer where collagen resides. Notably, the study establishes that collagen supplementation aids in retaining skin moisture and promoting a fuller appearance. Beyond its role in skin health, collagen serves as a fundamental building block for bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, underscoring its comprehensive significance in maintaining overall bodily integrity.

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