Product features

  • Comfortable, portable and helos support proper breastfeeding positioning.
  • The throughful design is perfect for c-section tummies.

Product description

Also known as a baby feeding pillow, it allows mum to naturally bring baby up to the breast to nurse rather than leaning over, which is ideal for positioning, latch and avoiding back pain. This feeding cushion can be used in multiple hold styles including cradle hold and rugby hold. As a small and lighweight nursing cushion, it is ideal for today's on-the-go Mum for use both at home or out-and-about.

  • Specifications

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  • Suitable for

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  • Warnings and cautions

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  • How to use

    Our breastfeeding cushion is one of the easiest cushions to use. Simply slide your arm through the cushions and youre ready to breastfeed your baby in any position you feel comfortable.

  • Ingredients

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