Product features

  • Nursing Pads 24
  • Disposable Nursing Pads
  • Award-winning

Product description

The award-winning Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads now feature a Blue Lock core to ensure that moisture stays locked in, and are more absorbent than ever capable of holding up to 20x their own weight, whilst still retaining their shape. The soft, stay-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the core of the pad where it is absorbed by a special polymer to prevent leakage. This along with the two non-slip adhesive tapes keep the pad in place, and the contour creates a natural fit that won't leak or show under clothing. Ensuring mum feels dryer, quicker and for longer. Each pad comes individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene perfect to slip into a handbag or nappy bag.

  • Specifications

    24 x Disposable Nursing Pads

  • Suitable for

    Suitable for Breast Feeding Mothers

  • Warnings and cautions

    See Packaging for Details

  • How to use

    Unwrap nursing pad and attach it to bra using the 2 sticky tapes. Change as often as needed.

  • Ingredients

    Polyolefin fiber, pulp tissue, Fluff pulp, Polyacrylic acid sodium salt, Polyethylene, polyethylene non-woven, Synthetic Rubber Hotmelt, Silicone coated Paper