Product features

  • Ultra thin and highly absorbant.
  • Cotton-like feel for comfort.
  • Soft and breathable surface.

Product description

Busy mums can be comfortable and rely on the MAM Breast Pads in their active lifestyles as they are super absorbant and stay dryer for longer. Ultra thin and invisible through clothing, they also feature clever fixing strips, meaning they stay perfectly in place. Key Features Suitable for all breast sizes Feels comfortable and lets skin breathe Perfectly absorbs liquids & protects from wetness 2 fluffy layers around the inner core make the pad super soft Fully absorbant inner core keeps moisture in 30x pads in each pack

  • Specifications

    30 per pack.

  • Suitable for

  • Warnings and cautions

    Keep put of reach of children.

  • How to use

    Keeping a bacteria-free environment is essential when using breast pads, so make sure your nipple is dry before applying a clean one. If your nipples are irritated, apply nipple cream before your breast pad. Using clean hands, remove pads from their packaging, and carefully peel off the adhesive backing. To maximize the absorbency of your breast pad and avoid leaks, center your nipple on the pad. Bring your bra up into place toward your breast and press the adhesive side of the pad into the cup of the bra. When you position your bra fully into place, re-adjust the pad if it is not in the proper position. When your pad becomes moist from milk leakage, remove it promptly and discard it to reduce your chance of infection or irritation. Replace your breast pad with a new, clean one. If your breast pad becomes stuck to your nipple, gently apply a little moisture and it should release. Avoid pulling it as this could be very uncomfortable, especially if your nipples are cracked or irritated.

  • Ingredients