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Menopause - LloydsPharmacy Ireland Research Results

Menopause - LloydsPharmacy Ireland Research Results
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Ahead of World Menopause Day, Irish women over 35 admit being unprepared for menopause and half of women experiencing it don't seek treatment

LloydsPharmacy research reveals how Irish women really feel about the menopause as LloydsPharmacy call on women to say Menopause Matters and get the help they need from their local LloydsPharmacy


  • Over half of women (51%) who have menopause symptoms have not sought treatment for their symptoms
  • 55% of women felt they didn’t receive enough information about the menopause before they began to experience symptoms
  • Over a third (38%) of women don’t know where to seek out information and support for the menopause

With World Menopause Day approaching on 18th October, LloydsPharmacy has teamed up with model, fashion stylist and television presenter Celia Holman Lee to ensure women know that ‘Menopause Matters’ and how they can get the help they need if they are going through the menopause.

New research conducted by LloydsPharmacy found 21% of women suffer symptoms for six months before seeking help, with 51% of women not seeking treatment at all. LloydsPharmacy is encouraging women who are perimenopausal or going through the menopause to speak to their pharmacist if they’re suffering from symptoms and to learn about symptom management.

Access to information seems to be the biggest issue for women in Ireland, with 74% of women yet to go through menopause believing they are not prepared for it. 38% of those that haven’t gone through the menopause yet advise that they don’t know where to seek out information and support for the menopause. Amongst those that have experienced the menopause, less than half feel that they received enough information on it before they began to experience symptoms.

Just over three quarters (77%) claim that they have experienced hot flushes while going through the menopause, with almost two thirds (64%) claiming that they have experienced sleeping problems. LloydsPharmacy wants to help change this problem with greater access to information for women and practical advice, which is accessible to women of all ages, whatever their experience of menopause is.

Speaking about the campaign, LloydsPharmacy Supervising Pharmacist Rebecca Barry said:

It is crucial that we support women of all ages in their journey into and through menopause. Recent research shows that 35% of women aren’t aware of non-prescription treatments and supplements that can help them manage symptoms.  

LloydsPharmacy not only wants to educate our customers about the best products to suit their needs, we also aim to provide a comfortable, relaxed environment in which women can feel confident to share their experiences and  concerns and simply have a chat with their local pharmacist about how to best manage their symptoms, whatever stage of menopause they may be at. It is important that women know we are on hand to advise in an easy, quick and confidential manner and create a space for women to get access to the assistance and information they need.

Consultation services such as those provided by LloydsPharmacy’s pharmacists will make a huge difference to women across the country who can have their questions and worries about their experience answered in an easy yet professional way.”

Campaign ambassador, Celia Holman Lee added: 

“We can all agree that menopause is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention and as a result, women are often left without information or support as they go through their journey with menopause. I saw being a part of this campaign as an opportunity to highlight the ways in which we can improve the wellbeing of women of Ireland as they move through a new stage of life. It’s all about getting the conversation started and empowering women on this journey. Too often we shy away from topics such as this but it’s time to make ‘menopause matter’, get people talking and find the right solutions and treatment.”

Women who want to find out more about what to expect before and during the menopause as well as treatment options can visit LloydsPharmacy’s online Womens Health Hub or visit their local LloydsPharmacy for further information about menopause, treatments and supplements.

All 91 pharmacies nationwide have a private care room where patients can have a one to one confidential consultation with the Pharmacist.  Many LloydsPharmacy stores are open late and over the weekend to help those with busy lifestyles. LloydsPharmacy also stock a wide range of over the counter Vitamins & Supplements that can support women through their Menopause journey.

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Research was conducted by Empathy research on behalf of LloydsPharmacy nationally representative sample of N=361 females aged 35+  from 20th – 26th September 2021.