How does the service work?

1. Set up a Travel Health Consultation with MyClinic, our Online Doctor service. The cost is €50. They will ask you to complete a travel health assessment. Following this, a GP will advise of the vaccinations and medications you should consider. You can access this service through this link.

2. Your prescription will have been sent via email to your participating pharmacy. Please note the pharmacist may need to order in some of the vaccinations that have been prescribed for you so we would recommend booking your appointment at least 48 hours after your prescription has been sent.

3. Once you have completed your appointment and the prescription has been sent to your participating pharmacy, book your appointment by contacting your nearest participating pharmacy.

4. A specially trained pharmacist will administer the vaccination in the pharmacy care room. Please wear loose clothing as most vaccines are administered into the upper arm.

Vaccination dosage and pricing

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