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LloydsPharmacy Colleague Catch Up with Grace Murphy

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We talk to Grace Murphy, Pharmacy Services and Sales Operations Manager at LloydsPharmacy to learn more about her time with the team over the last seven years.

How long have you worked in LloydsPharmacy?

Since March 2013.

What’s your role?

Pharmacy Services and Sales Operations Manager.

What do you like about working in LloydsPharmacy?

Friendly, supportive colleagues; great learning opportunities working with different departments; every day presents a new opportunity and challenge.

Why did you choose Pharmacy?

My gran and aunt were qualified assistants and I experienced first hand the impact they had on their patients and the special relationship they built over time.

Why choose LloydsPharmacy over other pharmacies?

I loved the support network that was provided by LloydsPharmacy when working as a locum and knew it was the team I wanted to join.

What areas of Pharmacy interest you?

The role of pharmacists in service provision, the integral role pharmacists play in addiction services and the invaluable relationship pharmacists have with their patients.

If you could do something different what would it be?

An accountant but it wouldn’t be as interesting

What do you love about being a Technician/a Pharmacist in LloydsPharmacy?

The trust the company has in our colleagues and the investment into our progression and education.  I like how the company respect the decisions made by pharmacists and provide them with the tools to support them when difficult decisions need to be made.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we may not already know?

I play tennis in my spare time.

What has LloydsPharmacy changed about you as an employee?

It has taught me to appreciate the bigger picture, and allowed me experience a non-traditional pharmacist role which I love.

What excites you about your role?

I love getting things over the line, be it completing projects, helping a colleague/store who needed it, and the genuine friendships that are formed at the most challenging times.