Charity partner at LloydsPharmacy

At LloydsPharmacy Ireland, we strive to create a workplace environment that provides equality, diversity, and employee support at every given opportunity. Our goal is to nurture an environment that is open, honest, and free of bias and where we align to make better health possible to the customers and patients we serve across communities in Ireland.

Charity “Giving” aligns with our Mission

As a company, we want to make a positive difference in Ireland. The Charity Programme gives our colleagues and customers the chance to support a cause that is close to their hearts and benefits the local communities where we work and live.

How we select our preferred Charity

We value what our employees value and hence collectively we can do good, give back and change lives. We invite our employees to select their preferred charity, so it has personal meaning to them. The charity with the largest votes is nominated as the preferred charity for an agreed time, often two years, and becomes the sole focus and official charity for our collective fundraising efforts. To ensure we optimise impact, we focus efforts and resources on this one charity.

Proud of our Fundraising Efforts

We are immensely proud of the fundraising efforts of our employees over the many years of our Charity Programme and most recently for Aware.

Our collective efforts have helped make a difference by enabling Aware and their teams provide the valuable supports to the growing number of Irish people impacted with Depression and related mood conditions.

Thank you for “Giving”, for your commitment, dedication, and on-going support. Collectively we will continue to make a difference to Irish lives.