Product features

  • Dual action heat therapy and pain relief
  • Single use and easily disposable
  • Pack can remain hot for around 40 mins at room temperature

Product description

Kool Pak Instant Hot Pack, a versatile solution offering dual-action heat therapy and pain relief. Specifically designed for various applications, it's perfect for dilating blood vessels prior to taking blood or administering injections, providing effective relief from muscular aches, pains, and joint stiffness.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Action Heat Therapy and Pain Relief: Experience the combined benefits of heat therapy and pain relief for effective comfort and relaxation.

  2. Medical Applications: Ideal for medical procedures requiring blood vessel dilation or when administering injections.

  3. Muscular Aches and Joint Stiffness: Provides effective relief from muscular aches, pains, and joint stiffness, promoting enhanced mobility.

  4. Extended Heat Duration: The pack remains hot for approximately 40 minutes at room temperature, offering sustained relief.

  5. Single-Use and Disposable: Designed for single use, ensuring hygiene and easy disposal after use.

  6. Contents: Contains Sodium Thiosulfate and Water, providing a safe and efficient heat-generating reaction.

  7. Size: Dimensions of 15 x 23cm make it versatile and suitable for various applications.

Choose the Kool Pak Instant Hot Pack for a convenient and reliable solution, offering targeted relief and comfort where you need it most.

  • Specifications

    Size - 15 x 23cm

  • Suitable for

    See packaging for details

  • Warnings and cautions

    Always read the label

  • How to use

    See packaging for details

  • Ingredients

    See packaging for details