Product features

  • Two-layered design provides superior strength
  • Satin-like finish is gentle on gums and fingers
  • Fresh mint flavour

Product description

Experience the excellence of Oral-B Satin Tape dental floss with its unique features and benefits:

  1. Two-Layered Design: Engineered for superior strength, the two-layered design ensures effective plaque and debris removal.
  2. Satin-Like Finish: The floss boasts a satin-like finish, providing a gentle touch on both gums and fingers for a comfortable flossing experience.
  3. Ease of Insertion: Designed for convenience, it effortlessly inserts into even the tightest spots, ensuring thorough dental care.
  4. Comfortable Handling: The floss is comfortable to handle, even when wet, offering ease of use during your oral care routine.
  5. Fresh Mint Flavour: Infused with a refreshing mint flavour, the floss not only signals its effectiveness but also provides a burst of freshness, making your oral care routine more enjoyable.

Oral-B Satin Tape dental floss is crafted from a silky ribbon-like material that wraps comfortably around your fingers, slides smoothly between teeth, and reaches below the gum line. This elegant flossing experience, coupled with the 2-layered design, effectively removes plaque and food particles, contributing to cavity prevention and gum health. Elevate your oral hygiene with the simplicity and effectiveness of Oral-B Satin Tape dental floss, ensuring a fresh and clean feeling after each use.

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  • How to use

    Wind 5 centimetres of floss around your middle fingers. Gently glide floss between teeth to the gum line. Curve the floss to contact as much of the tooth as possible. Gently move the floss up and down. Use a fresh section of the floss for each tooth.

  • Ingredients

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