Product features

  • Easy to use thyroid home test
  • Rule-in or rule-out hypothyroidism discreetly
  • Results in minutes at home

Product description

Abingdon Simply Test Thyroid is used for the easy and convenient self-testing of Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), a marker for an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Thyroid stimulating hormone (also known as thyrotropin, thyrotropic hormone, TSH, or hTSH for human TSH) is a pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine (T4), and then triiodothyronine (T3) which stimulates the metabolism of almost every tissue in the body.

Testing of thyroid stimulating hormone levels in the blood is considered the best initial test for hypothyroidism.

  • Specifications

    Pack Size: 1 Test

  • Suitable for


  • Warnings and cautions

    Handle lancets with care. Only 1 lancet included.

  • How to use

    1. Wash your hands with soap and rinse with warm water.
    2. Bring the pouch to room temperature before opening it. Open the foil pouch and remove the cassette.
    3. Carefully pull off and dispose of the cap of the Iancet.
    4. Use the provided alcohol pad to clean the fingertip of the middle or ring finger as the puncture site.
    5. Press the Iancet on the side from where the cap was removed, against the fingertip until you hear a click.
    6. Keep the hand down and massage the finger to obtain a blood drop.
    7. Without squeezing the bulb, place the capillary dropper against the blood drop until the blood fills to the line on the dropper.
    8. Place the blood into the sample well on the cassette.
    9. After the blood has dispensed into the well, add the buffer solution.
    10. Wait for the lines to appear in the test window and compare to the results chart.
  • Ingredients

    See packaging for details