Product features

  • Premium nutritional supplement to support you and your baby
  • Contains 25mg of specially formulated Active Iron to maximise Iron absorption
  • Contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals

Product description

New Active Iron Pregnancy Plus is a premium prenatal vitamin formulation that provides complete nutritional support for pregnancy.

Made with 21 essential nutrients to support mum and baby, our best pregnancy supplements support energy, foetal development, and helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects (NTD).*

As well as being one of the best prenatal vitamin and mineral formulations, Active Iron Pregnancy Plus is also suitable for use during and post-pregnancy.

Active Iron Pregnancy Plus Multivitamin contains Active Iron‚non-constipating formula, a specially designed multivitamin with Active Folic, as well as a sustainably sourced Omega 3 capsule.

Active Iron new pregnancy supplements are specially developed to optimise vitamin and mineral absorption while being kind on the stomach.

Pregnancy Supplement That Includes Iron, Omega 3 & Folic Acid

Pregnancy is one of the most demanding times for increased nutritional needs and it is important to ensure that you are getting all you need.