Product features

  • Improved alertness
  • Energy release
  • 50% Extra Free

Product description

Berocca Boost has been clinically proven to improve your reaction speed and accuracy while decreasing tiredness, Berocca Boost is an instant, natural fuel that sparks your body and mind. 30 pack plus 15 pack free!

  • Improves reaction speed & accuracy while decreasing tiredness, natural fuel that sparks your body & mind.
  • Feel¬¨‚Ćrecharged and revitalised by Berocca Boost‚Äö√Ñ√¥s unique combination of vitamins and minerals.
  • Enjoy¬¨‚Ćan extra surge from the added guarana, a fast-acting natural energizer that comes from an Amazonian berry.
  • Feel¬¨‚Ćmore awake, more alert and ready to take on anything at a moment‚Äö√Ñ√¥s notice
      • Suitable for

        30 + 15

      • Warnings and cautions

        See packaging for details

      • How to use

        See packaging for details

      • Ingredients

        Vitamin B complex: - B vitamins help your body release energy from food to support vitality and stamina. They're important for your nervous system as they carry information to and from your brain.
        Vitamin C: - Vitamin C is needed to support a healthy immune system. An antioxidant, it helps protect your cells from premature ageing.
        Biotin: - Helps you release energy from food.
        Guarana: - 222.2mg
        Magnesium: - Magnesium works with B vitamins to help your body release energy from food and keep your nervous system and muscles working properly.
        Zinc: - Essential for growth, zinc also maintains a healthy immune system.
        Folic Acid: - Supports your blood cells, helps your body produce energy and boosts your immune system.
        Calcium: - Helps build healthy bones and teeth.