Product features

  • Contains B2 which supports the body's energy-yielding metabolism.
  • High absorption rate with an outstanding safety profile.
  • Official reference product for ICQA (International Coenzyme Q10 Association)

Product description

Q10 is a fat-soluble substance which is difficult for the body to absorb. However, thanks to a highly specialized manufacturing process where Q10 is dissolved in a vegetable oil solution and exposed to a unique heating process the Q10 molecules are able to dissolve entirely at normal body temperature. The fact that the Q10 raw material dissolve completely in this product is the reason why BioActive Q10 Gold 100 mg can deliver such superior bioavailability of its active compound.

  • Specifications

    60 capsule pack

  • Suitable for

    All Adults

  • Warnings and cautions

    See packaging for details

  • How to use

    Take one capsule daily with breakfast.

  • Ingredients

    100mg Q10 and 1.4mg