Product features

  • Hydro-Cool Technology
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Re-washable and Reusable

Product description

Introducing the Fusion Allergy Cooling Mask, your reusable solution for soothing allergic symptoms, especially around the eyes.

Designed to provide relief from common allergic reactions like itching, redness, and watering of the eyes, as well as reducing puffiness and inflammation, this cooling mask offers targeted comfort where you need it most.

Whether you're experiencing discomfort from environmental allergens or other irritants, the Fusion Allergy Cooling Mask provides a refreshing and soothing sensation, helping to alleviate your symptoms effectively.

With its reusable design, you can rely on the Fusion Allergy Cooling Mask whenever allergic reactions flare up, providing convenient and practical relief whenever you need it. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to soothing relief with the Fusion Allergy Cooling Mask.

  • Specifications

    1 Mask

  • Suitable for

    All Ages

  • Warnings and cautions

    Do not share your mask, Do not apply on sensitive skin or open wounds, Do not ingest contents, The head strap in this product contains latex

  • How to use

    Place the Fusion Cooling Mask in a sealed plastic bag and place into the freezer for 1 hour. Position the mask around the head and close the eyes for 10 minutes of cool therapy. Adjust the strap for comfort.

  • Ingredients

    Mask Contents - Glycerin, Sodium Chloride and water.