Product features

  • Drug-Free hayfever treatment
  • No Drowsiness No Side effects
  • Re-Useable

Product description

Hay-Band Drug-Free Acupressure Band has been designed to help relieve symptoms of allergies including hayfever and headache pain. The easy to use acupressure band is 100% natural and drug-free. One size fits all

  • Specifications

    One size fits all

  • Suitable for

    Suitable from 3+ years of age

  • Warnings and cautions

    Not suitable to wear during pregnancy.

  • How to use

    When should I put the Hay-Band on? You can put the Hay-Band on before your symptoms begin or once they have started. Can the Hay-Band be used in conjunction with hay fever drugs? Yes, the Hay-Band can be used with any other drugs. Does the Hay-Band contain latex? No, the Hay-Band is latex-free. Does the Hay-Band have any side effects? No, the Hay-Band is drug-free and has no side effects. Can the Hay-Band be used by children? Yes, the Hay-Band can be used by children but the band must be a snug fit to function correctly. Who should not use the Hay-Band? Expectant mothers should refrain from using the Hay-Band. Which arm should the Hay-Band be worn on? The Hay-Band can be worn on either arm.

  • Ingredients

    The Hay-Band is a drug free non invasive product