Product features

  • Gently draws out flat and inverted nipples reducing the risk of engorgement and discomfort
  • Easy to use, the LatchAssist Nipple Everter is a non-invasive tool that assists baby to latch on and feed with ease
  • BPA and BPS free

Product description

Ease the discomfort and frustration of engorgement and inverted or flat nipples when breastfeeding with the Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter. A non-invasive tool designed to draw out flat nipples, making it easier for baby to latch on, reducing the risk of engorgement and ensuring the comfort of both mother and baby.

  • Specifications

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  • Suitable for

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  • Warnings and cautions

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  • How to use

    Before use, wash Latch Assist in hot, soapy water. Rinse and air dry. Select the Latch Assist size that is most comfortable for you.

    In order to decide which one is best, check how your nipple fits into the shield. If your nipple rubs along the sides of the shield, it is too small. If there is too much space between your nipple and the sides, it is too large.

    With your baby in position to breastfeed, gently squeeze bulb and place the shield over and around your nipple. Lightly press the shield down against the skin to ensure an airtight seal. Slowly release the bulb for the desired pressure.

    Repeat gently until your nipple is extended and your baby can easily latch on to the breast. After use, wash again, rinse and air dry. Discard any milk that may collect in bulb.

  • Ingredients

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